Sex on the Table with ChefFed

By Rachel 25 Jan, 2016

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – MacGregor Literary is representing aphrodisiac cooking visionary and celebrated culinary innovator, ChefFed, effective immediately.

ChefFed, the chef who invented the Sex on the Table aphrodisiac culinary experience that has taken New York and Los Angeles by storm, is bringing his affection for deliciously alluring cuisine to the pages of his first cookbook “foodporn”.  

“We are delighted to create foodporn magic with ChefFed,” reports Chip MacGregor, Founder, MacGregor Literary. “ChefFed is celebrated for his timeless pairing of senses and sensuality in the delivery of truly unique and memorable aphrodisiac cuisine experiences.”

After entirely selling out 400 events in a row in New York, ChefFed is currently entertaining with his aphrodisiac dining experience in Los Angeles.

“Chip MacGregor and I apply the same traditional values in different industries. In a publishing world dominated by marketing, Chip and the team at MacGregor Literary hold the core business of great writing exceptionally high.  I, on the other hand, have always respected the art of perfectly braising a beef cheek and I still refuse to acknowledge molecular cuisine as a cooking technique,” ChefFed shares. “Chip hit the #1 spot on the New York Times bestseller list as a writer, as well as an agent and he secured around 1000 book deals. To create and collaborate with this gentleman and his team is humbling and challenging in equal parts.”

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About ChefFed

ChefFed’s Sex on the Table is an aphrodisiac cooking class and private dining affair that engages guests during both the cooking and dining process. ChefFed appeared on Food Network’s CHOPPED, Fox, E! News and he was written up in Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Time Out and many more. In September ChefFed relocated to Los Angeles, where he since introduced the west coast to his contemporary cooking style and the connection between food & love by opening FEDISH, an aphrodisiac Pop-up restaurant, on Beverly Hill’s restaurant row.

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About ChefFed

ChefFed graduated at the top of his class from Switzerland's prestigious Culinary Institute, He then got the chance to work alongside Michelin starred chefs Adolph Blockbergen and "the world's best chef" Fredy Girardet. But what forever changed ChefFed's career was his early exposure to the up-and-coming new American cuisine grassroots movement at San Francisco's urban eatery, “Globe”. Continue Reading

Sex on the Table

At Sex on the Table Aphrodisiac Cooking Class you will whip up three courses of a specially tailored aphrodisiac menu where all five of your senses will be engaged with a seductive mix of textures, colors, & tantalizing smells and flavors under the guidance of Sex on the Table founder, ChefFed.             Continue Reading

Private Dining

ChefFed's private events can be hands-on cooking classes, private dining experiences or cooking demos. They can be hosted at ChefFed's atelier, a venue of your choice, or a private residence. In all cases, Sex on the Table private Events are customizable to your expectations, so when booking private events we ask you to answer a few questions. Apply

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Beverly Hills Magazine

You can get ChefFed’s new cookbook Sex on the Table or subscribe to his newsletter online to find out about upcoming appearances and cooking classes in Los Angeles and become a fan on Instagram. More

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Today Show

ChefFed, who runs Sex on the Table cooking classes that specialize in aphrodisiac cuisine, says that the way to put the drama in your duck is to choose the right drink with it... More

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Watching Chef Fed doing something as simple as slicing an “AHnion” is kind of erotic the same way watching an NBA player score a two-pointer or a violinist execute a solo perfectly is erotic. More

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“I looked around the table and, while people weren’t tearing one another’s clothes off in a massive orgy, everyone looked happy. I’d bet that at least half the couples would be getting down tonight…” More

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Los Angeles Times

He's now popping up at the former Scratch Bar location in Beverly Hills, now called FEDish, for a two-month series of aphrodisiac-packed dinners, inspired by his cooking classes. Just in time for Valentine's Day.   More

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Now, the city of Los Angeles will have the opportunity to dine on Chef Fed’s noted cuisine. Every Friday and Saturday evening, over the next two months, Chef Fed – whose real name is Juerg Federer – is cooking at his pop-up, Fedish, in the former Scratch|Bar Space on Beverly Hills Restaurant Row. It will be an opportunity for Angelenos to dine on the food of who may be the next rising star on the world’s gastronomic stage.   More

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Season 18, Episode 3: With chocolate in every basket of this themed competition, ChefFed, Chef Phillip Frankland Lee, Chef Lucy Collins and Chef Pierre Coray must figure out how to make this perennial dessert favorite work in the first two, savory, courses. Then the two competitors who make it to the end must find a way to combine two chocolate ingredients with cherries and a German layer cake. More

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Time Out

Dinner is foreplay. ChefFed - a writer, chef and aphrodisiac specialist is teaming up with Chef Gwenal Le Pape of the Kimberly Hotel to create the first Sex on the Table event in the hotel's elegant lounge... More

Finding Cupid with Millionaire Matchmaker David Cruz

Finding Cupid with David Cruz

“Chef Fed on Food and Love” David and Team Cupid discuss the latest news in the world of dating and relationships. They also welcome special guest “Chef Fed” A star in the world of Culinary adventures and dining experiences. Chef Fed, discusses his his thoughts on how food should be used to seduce the diner and all their five senses! Chef Fed also gives advice to people looking to cook a sexy dinner on Valentine’s Day.... watch

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Daily News

The biggest part of seducing with food is the same as seducing a person on a date - it's that element of surprise," ChefFed says. "The most seductive thing is when people make noises in the restaurant that they usually do only in their bedroom." More

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